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Bob reaps the benefit of a sound investment

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Journalists' Charity

By Robin Morgan

Stalwart CIoJ West Yorkshire member Robert Benson, the former Agricultural Correspondent of the Yorkshire Post, is pretty happy that Past-President Gerry Armes forcefully persuaded him to invest £50 for life membership of the Newspaper Press Fund – now known as The Journalists’ Charity.

Robert – Bob to his many Institute friends – had a reputation for being “careful” with his money (a Yorkshire trait, for he was for many year’s the district’s treasurer) and President Armes’ ‘persuasion’ at the Birmingham conference was a work of art for a man well-practiced in promoting the charity and gaining it members.

Bob forgot he was a member of the Charity but when he suffered a severe stroke last April, former colleague and friend Robin Morgan remembered the incident and reminded Bob of its ability to help. Bob and his partner, Jenny, contacted the fund and asked if it could help him in his hour of need. Their cottage, in the picturesque Dales’ village of Addingham, was totally unsuited to his new needs and a search had begun for a suitable bungalow.

That is until the Charity stepped in. It maintains a sheltered housing project, ‘Ribblesdale’, at Dorking, Surrey, and has made a two-bedroom bungalow available for the couple who hope to take up residence in the autumn.

Bob, who is making a slow recovery through regular physiotherapy sessions at a residential nursing home at Saltaire, Bradford, said: “We could not have had better news. The Journalists’ Charity has provided the ideal solution to my problems and I am jolly glad that Gerry Armes did persuade me to buy life membership all those years ago when I never expected that one day I might need the support.

“I urge all journalists to become members…you just never know when its help might come in handy.”


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