The CIoJ

The Chartered Institute of Journalists has been representing the best interests of its members since 1884. We are an independent organisation that promotes standards and ethics throughout the profession. There are many benefits to membership that not only look after you, but your family, too.

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists you…
  • Are recognised throughout the world as a professional journalist or business communications practitioner;
  • May apply for the National Press Card, accepted by every UK police force and government department. The Institute is authorised to issue the card and is represented on the National Press Card Authority which runs the scheme;
  • May apply for an International Press Card;
  • Receive the CIoJ Journal, which reports the activities of the Institute and industry developments, and can join Journa-List, our on-line mailing list;
  • May attend the Institute’s Annual Conference and other events;
  • Have a voice through the Institute’s representation on the British Copyright Council, the British Photographic Council, the Creators Rights Alliance, and relevant Royal Commissions and other bodies;
  • Are eligible to use the post-nominal letters MCIJ.
We produce a number of publications and forms designed to inform and help…

The Journal

The official organ of the CIoJ and has been in publication since 1912. It reports the activities of the Institute and industry developments.

Freelance News

Keeps freelance members updated on areas of interest pertaining to the precarious world of freelancing.

International Journalist

Produced by the Institute’s International Division, it contains news and reports of interest to international journalists.

The Freelance Directory

An online publication which works like an online CV and helps members gain work. It contains the details and specialities of all freelance members and is sent to editors and other media personnel who may employ freelance journalists.

Freelance advice guides

on Marketing, Selling, Finance, Photography, Technology, Copyright and Contacts.

Freelance Rates

a guide to rates which may be charged for supplying various forms of journalistic services.

Commission of Sale Forms

a form which will help you safeguard your copyright.

Student Information

a handbook which directs students and those entering the profession to the best courses to study.
Other special offers which may be of use to our members…
  • Discounted publications – you can take advantage of discounts that the CIoJ has negotiated on behalf of its members, including Hollis and Willings Press Guide
  • London Press Club – you may join the London Press Club for half the normal joining fee. A saving of £25
  • Discounted Medical Insurance and Hospital Cash Plans – you may benefit from discounts on medical insurance and hospital cash plans through the Hospital and Medical Care Association.
  • ALCS & DACS – as a member of the CIoJ you will be able to register with Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society and Design & Artists Copyright Society free of charge. Both these organisations