PPB Motion on UK media publishers to unite on media freedom issues – 2013 AGM

The Institute deplores what has become a destructive and disastrous civil war within British journalism between media publishers, lobbying groups, media and journalist representative bodies, and indeed media academics, that is undermining essential journalism freedoms and disabling the ability of journalists to be the watchdogs of democracy.

It is time for leading newspaper editors, their corporations, and respective supporters elsewhere to bury the hatchet that has divided them so bitterly in relation to the phone hacking scandal, the Leveson Inquiry, and debates over regulation, and show the maturity of their common law cousins in the USA to stand together on those issues that concern them all.

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2 Responses to PPB Motion on UK media publishers to unite on media freedom issues – 2013 AGM

  1. Wyn Freedman

    Here here.

  2. George Barbrook

    I have an interest in the opinion of the Institutes officers and committee about the arrest of David Mirander and the activities of Glen Greenwald who through the Guardian has leaked information supplied by Edward Snowden.

    The Guardians Greenslade Blog lead with the headline, Deafening press silence greets arrested of Guardians Journalist Partner.

    I am uneasy about the use of the Terrorisum Act 2000 and his detention for 9 hours at the the airport, but also very aware that terrorist do kill and have done on the streets of British Cities, that does not excuse illicit or illegal behaviour by the UK or US government in it monitoring activities, but it deos show that like society journalists and newspapers have differing opinions on this sort of issue.

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