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There is a COMPLETE BAN on reporting future pre-trial proceedings of the Dale Cregan case.

The ban has been made under s4 of the Contempt of Court Act and SUPERCEDES the media’s usual right to report preliminary proceedings under the Magistrates Court Act 1980.

Also, TAKE GREAT CARE with backgrounders about Cregan and the murders of the two policewomen in Manchester last week.

The Judge has indicated ‘a real risk of prejudice’ with this case, and will be watching press coverage carefully.

  1. You CAN report the grief angles, funerals etc BUT not the crimes themselves.
  2. Close message boards relating to the Dale Cregan case, from NOW until after the trial.
  3. Make sure automatic ‘Related stories’ links do not refer to previous stories about Cregan.
  4. Do not run any stories or features about Cregan, his past, his alleged involvement in last week’s murders and other background information about him.
  5. You CANNOT report Cregan’s future remand hearings.
  6. Take great care with stories saying the trial is about to start.
  7. You can report the trial, unless the judge imposes further legal restrictions.
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