Daily Express Political Editor elected Vice-President


Monday 11th March : Release time immediate

Macer Hall, Political Editor of the Daily Express, has been elected Vice-President of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.

Hall, aged 40, pledged to preserve the Institute’s “timeless journalistic values of impartiality, independence and freedom of speech” while helping the Institute to adapt to changes in the media and journalistic profession.

A Londoner who undertook his NCTJ training at Highbury College in Portsmouth, he went on to work as a reporter on a variety of regional and national newspapers, including the Cambridge Evening News, the Yorkshire Evening Post and the Sunday Telegraph, as well as the National News Agency and the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4.

“The independence of the Chartered Institute of Journalists is something I cherish”, he said.

Hall will serve two years as Vice-President of the Institute before succeeding to the Presidency in 2009.

John Thorpe MBE, the Institute’s new President, said he was “absolutely delighted that members of the Chartered Institute of Journalists have voted Macer Hall into the Vice-Presidency of the Institute. His insights into the world of Westminster and the national political scene will be of great advantage to the Institute, and I look forward to working with him to deepen the Institute’s influence in the corridors of power.”


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