Free offer to NUJ members

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Free offer to NUJ members


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The Chartered Institute of Journalists is offering free membership to NUJ members who oppose that union’s support for state regulation of the press.

CIoJ President Charlie Harris said that the NUJ’s position on Leveson amounted to an “insupportable attack on the integrity of its own members”, and that the Institute, which opposes any state involvement in the enforcement of editorial ethics, was offering like-for-like free membership to NUJ members until their NUJ subs are due for renewal.

Mr Harris said, “The NUJ is supporting statutory regulation of the press without consulting its members.

“The CIoJ, backed by its members, believes that restrictions on the press – however light-touch now – open the door to tough state interference in free speech under a future government.

“We have already seen several attempts to shut down embarrassing stories using Leveson as an excuse.

“The CIoJ’s position is clear: the allegations made against the media at the Leveson inquiry involved illegality – phone hacking, bribing of public officials, and interception of e-mails.

“This was a failure of law enforcement by the police, and others.

“We do not support state interference in a free press, however it is achieved, whether through legislation, statutory underpinning or a Royal Charter.”

Mr Harris said the Institute had seen an influx of NUJ defectors in recent months as a result of the contrast between the two unions’ stands on regulation.

“We are apolitical, and do not kowtow to political parties, the TUC, employers’ bodies or unaccountable pressure groups such as Hacked Off,” he said.

“We are run by our members to uphold their interests, promote journalism as a profession, uphold editorial standards, and protect the freedom of the media.”

“We cannot sit back and watch as the NUJ throws away 300 years of press freedom.”

Details of the offer to NUJ members can be obtained by e-mailing or calling 020 7252 1187 or you may join the CIoJ here.

Membership OFFER – discounted Media Law update

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MEDIA LAW UPDATE – November 2010

CTJT’s new Law Update is available – now! It is the most up-to-date guide on the market – and is simple and easy to follow.

It contains many new developments and changes. There is nothing else like it on the market.

  • Links – new rulings on the dangers of those auto-generated links on your website
  • Copyright – your new responsibilities under the Digital Economy Act
  • Photography – the very latest guidance on police use of terrorism powers
  • Facebook – practical tips on how and when to use photos and information
  • Internet law – new developments with UGC, including libel and contempt
  • Privacy – restrictions on using photos including ‘bystanders’
  • Medical complaint stories – making them safe at a time when the GMC is monitoring them closely

Use it today!

This e-book costs £14.95, however members of the CIoJ may apply for a discounted rate of £9.95 per download.

Email requesting how many you would like. The E-book will be emailed to you with an invoice.


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21 -23 June, 2010

Several Pandora’s boxes were opened up to members of the CIoJ who went on an information visit to Brussels in mid-June. Members went on a three-day visit to NATO, SHAPE and some of the European Union institutions. They had useful meetings with senior officials and informed specialists at each institution visited.

The visit concentrated on the defence of Europe and on how the different institutions co-operate to ensure Europe’s security.

Organised by CIoJ Brussels representative John Szemerey, the visit was made possible by specially low prices offered by Eurostar and by the Adagio aparthotel in central Brussels, and by the generosity of the European Parliament and NATO which gave grants to members of the visiting group to help them with costs.

At or after the visit most of the institutions to which the group went offered to put CIoJ members on their mailing lists relating to different policy areas so they could follow developments in the EU and at NATO and SHAPE in fields that interested them and on which they normally write or report.

The CIoJ visit included a whole day at NATO, meeting senior officials and also having a discussion session with a panel of three top members of the UK mission to NATO. This was followed by a half day visit to SHAPE at Mons, in South Belgium. SHAPE is the military organisation that in fact executes most NATO decisions.

In the EU institutions the visiting group had meetings with spokesmen for the new President of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy, and of the new EU Foreign Minister, Catherine Ashton, officially known as the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

The visit finished with half a day at the European Parliament thanks to Sarah Ludford MEP, who officially sponsored the CIoJ’s visit and to our affiliate member, Mary Honeyball, MEP, who helped arrange a session with representatives of five of the EP’s political groups.

“Three days in Brussels is too short to see and hear everything,” says the outgoing chairman of the CIoJ’s international division, John Szemerey, “but it showed us some key changes in the EU, following the Lisbon Treaty. And we saw how NATO and SHAPE have altered their policies and activities following the end of the Cold War to continue protecting Europe from external attacks, either by force or via the Internet.”

Outline Programme – NATO, SHAPE and the European Parliament

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Sunday, 20th June

London St. Pancras International Station 14.34 Eurostar train to Brussels

Arrive 17.33 at Brussels Midi

Take Metro to De Brouckere,

Go to adjacent Aparthotel Adagio, Boulevard Anspach 20

Evening free

Monday, 21st June

08.00 Bus leaves hotel; go to NATO headquarters

08.45 Arrive NATO security/passport control

9.15 – 12.30 Briefings and discussion by and with representatives of NATO international staff

12.30-14.00 Lunch at NATO restaurant

14.00-17.30 Briefings (and discussion) by representatives of NATO international staff and of UK Delegation to NATO

17.45 Depart by bus for hotel.

Evening free

Tuesday, 22nd June

a.m. Meetings with EU Council of Ministers.

These meetings will need to be confirmed nearer the date.

13.30 Lunch at self-service restaurant of European Parliament (at members’ own cost)

15.00 Briefing on current tasks and activities of the European Parliament.

15.45-16.30 Briefing by Lady Sarah Ludford MEP, the group’s sponsor and host at the European Parliament

17.00 Meeting with MEPs from different political groups

18.00 Return to hotel

Evening free

Wednesday, 23rd June

08.00 Bus leaves hotel; go to SHAPE headquarters in Mons

09.00 Arrive SHAPE; security/passport control

09.30-12.30 Briefings at SHAPE

12.30-14.15 Lunch in self-service restaurant (at members own cost)

14.30 Bus leaves SHAPE, takes group to Brussels Midi Station

17.59 Eurostar train leaves Brussels Midi for London

19.03 Arrive St. Pancras International Station, London

Members’ visit to NATO, SHAPE and the European Parliament in June

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A lively, informative visit has been prepared for CIoJ members to Brussels, for meetings at NATO, SHAPE, the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers.

Members will spend three days in Brussels, going over on Sunday, 20th June for an early morning departure to NATO the following morning. After NATO the group will have meetings at the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers, followed by a half day at SHAPE’s headquarters in Mons on Wednesday, 23rd June. From there members will be taken straight to Brussels’ Midi Station where they will catch the Eurostar back to London.

Costs have been kept down to a minimum, and they will fall even lower if there are 20 persons in the group, as the European Parliament has offered a grant of about €135 (£116.50) per head if the group consists of at least 20.

Members will stay in a very new aparthotel in the very centre of Brussels. It is the Adagio, Brussels Centre Monnaie, on the Boulevard Anspach – just next door to the metro line that takes one straight to the European institutions. It is also only a few steps to the famous Grand’ Place and the excellent restaurants in the Rue des Bouchers. Further, it is right next door to the Brussels casino to which entrance is free, and where one can get modestly-priced meals and drinks. The Adagio, which is on the site of a former department store, opened on 1st December, 2009.

The programme will include a whole day visit to NATO, to hear about NATO’s tasks and activities in post Cold War Europe, and half a day at SHAPE.(Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), the military wing of NATO. Last but not least there will be a half day visit to the European Parliament to hear about the parliament’s increased responsibilities and activities following the coming into effect of the Lisbon Treaty, and to meet members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from different political groups.




Apply for membership

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Ways in which you may apply for membership

Apply online

Complete an on-line application form by clicking the link above.  Don’t forget to enter any reduced first-year subscription offer code in the ‘other details’ section of the form otherwise you may not receive the discount.

Also, part of the process is for a credit card number to be entered for all applications.  Don’t worry, we only debit card numbers once your application has been approved by our accreditation committee.  At that time any discount will be applied.

Download and complete an application form

You may click the link above, print the application form,  complete it by hand and send it to head office (details are on the form or on our contacts page) together with examples of your work and any other bits that demonstrate that you are a bona fide journalist.

Request an information pack to be sent to you

Contact head office and request that  an information pack be sent to you.  The pack with contain an application form together with details of the Institute and the benefits we may offer.

Don’t forget to give us your name, address and postcode.

£50 for two years’ membership

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Are you under 25?
Have you just entered the media industry?
Do you want the protection that the CIoJ may offer?

Very often those who enter the industry for the first time struggle to make ends meet on low wages. In order that you do not miss out on the protection of Institute membership we are offering two-years membership for the introductory price of £50.

The criteria that should be fulfilled in order that you may take advantage of this offer are the same as those for Trainee membership, but in addition to this all applicants should be aged 25 or under.

To take advantage of this offer either download an application form here , or, click here to complete an on-line application . In both instances applicants should send a quick covering note quoting membership offer ‘recip50 4 2‘ .

For further details of this offer please do not hesitate call our Head Office on +44 (0)20 7252 1187.

Categories of membership and subscription rates

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Below you will find a list of membership categories and the requirements you must fulfil in order to gain membership.  Don’t forget to look at the membership deals we have on at the moment and if you have any queries you may call, +44 (0)20 7252 1187, or email .

  • Full member – Candidates must be solely employed in Journalism or Public Relations for more than one year, or their main source of income is from Journalistic activities.  Subscription rate – £195 pa


  • International member – Available to those who apply for FULL membership but who live overseas or work for an overseas employer.  Subscription rate – £133 pa


  • Trainee member – Available to candidates who are solely employed in Journalism or Public Relations but who do not possess the one year’s experience for full membership. After a period of one year they will automatically become a Full Member. Subscription rate £97.50, but if you are under 25 this might be reduced to £20 pa. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


  • Affiliate member – Available to those who work at least part-time in an area related to Journalism. Affiliates do not receive a Press card.  Subscription rate – £133 pa


  • Student member – Available to those candidates who are on a full-time training course or scheme in Journalism or Public Relations which is recognised by the Institute. If you are applying for Student membership, please enclose details of the University and course being attended.  Subscription rate – FREE for first year


  • Retired member – This grade of membership is only open to existing members of the Institute who cease their writing activities but who wish to remain in contact with the Institute. Retired members do not qualify for a Press card. Subscription rate – £30 pa

Read more

50% off first years membership fee

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The Institute is offering a 50% discount off the first years membership fee, to journalists who are already members of another industry based organisation, such as the London Press Club, or trade union.

All applicants will, of course, have to meet the criteria set by the Institute for membership.

To take advantage of this offer either download an application form here , or, click here to complete an on-line application .  In both instances applicants should send a quick covering note quoting membership offer ‘recip03‘ and giving details of the organisation they are currently a member of.

For further details of this offer please do not hesitate call our Head Office on +44 (0)20 7252 1187.

Who can join?

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Who can join?

The Chartered Institute of Journalists is the world’s longest established professional association for journalists. Formed in 1884, the Institute was granted a Royal Charter by Queen Victoria and has been serving the interests of our profession ever since.

Our members are professionals in their field and individuals in attitude. They belong to the Institute because they want to be part of an organisation that is dedicated solely to protecting and serving the best interests of journalists and journalism.

CIoJ members work in all areas of journalism, including:

Book Editing, Feature Writing, Picture Researching, Book Writing, Illustrating, Public Relations, Broadcasting, Photography, Reporting, Cartoons, Photo-journalism, Researching, Crossword Compiling, Production, Sub-Editing/Editing.

If you work in any area of journalism you qualify for membership of the CIoJ.

See also:

Grades of membership

Membership deals