2013 AGM

2013 AGM Evening Dinner

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On the evening of the AGM members will be having dinner at the club. If you wish to join us you will be more than welcome. The cost will be £25 which will be payable in advance. Please let Diane know if you wish to attend – memberservices@cioj.co.uk .

The menu for the meal will be:

Starter: – Melon and exotic fruit cocktail

Main: – Roast lamb shank with tomato and rosemary jus

Dessert: – triple chocolate mousse

Tea/coffee and mints

NOTE: If you have any special dietary requirements please inform us when you book.  Also, you must book by October 8, because the venue needs final figures a week ahead of the event.


Motion by Freelance Division – AGM 2013

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Add to Standing Order 7

7.4 Subject to a minimum payment to be decided by Council from time to time, no Member shall be required to pay, by way of annual subscription, more than one per cent of net (after-tax) income. Members claiming this concession shall on request provide acceptable evidence of net income for their previous tax year.


PPB Motion on Guarantee of Media Freedom – 2013 AGM

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The Institute believes the government and Parliament should press ahead ‘without delay’ for legislation to assert a constitutional freedom of the media as a stand alone Act of Parliament. Journalism is facing an unprecedented attack on its rights and freedoms and needs greater protection and independence in order to maintain its role as a watchdog and guardian of democracy.

Whilst the Institute is critical of many recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry, we would support the proposal for a legislative declaration of media freedom that is equivalent to the provision asserting the independence of the judiciary:


(1) The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and other Ministers of the Crown and all with responsibility for matters relating to the media must uphold the freedom of the press and its independence from the executive.

(2) The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport must have regard to:

(a) the importance of the freedom and integrity of the media;

(b) the right of the media and the public to receive and impart information without interference by public authorities;

(c) the need to defend the independence of the media.

(3) Interference with the activities of the media shall be lawful only insofar as it is for a legitimate purpose and is necessary in a democratic society, having full regard to the importance of media freedom in a democracy;” (Page 1780 of Volume 4 of the Leveson Inquiry Report 2012)


PPB Motion on UK media publishers to unite on media freedom issues – 2013 AGM

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The Institute deplores what has become a destructive and disastrous civil war within British journalism between media publishers, lobbying groups, media and journalist representative bodies, and indeed media academics, that is undermining essential journalism freedoms and disabling the ability of journalists to be the watchdogs of democracy.

It is time for leading newspaper editors, their corporations, and respective supporters elsewhere to bury the hatchet that has divided them so bitterly in relation to the phone hacking scandal, the Leveson Inquiry, and debates over regulation, and show the maturity of their common law cousins in the USA to stand together on those issues that concern them all.

PPB Motion on protection of sources – 2013 AGM

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The Institute deplores and condemns the disastrous surrendering of confidential material on journalists sources by News Corporation’s Management and Standards Committee (MSC) to the Metropolitan Police.

It is apparent that much of this information was confidential journalistic material and should have been subject to the protection of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. This information should not have been released unless by court order after a hearing before a judge at which the sources and individual journalists concerned should have had the right to independent representation.

The Institute calls on Parliament to introduce legislation so that confidential sources who have been negligently and without court order identified by the media institutions receiving, using or paying for their information can sue for compensation for the breach of their Article 10 Freedom of Expression protection of source rights as recognised by English common law and the European Court of Human Rights in a longstanding line of powerful rulings that recently included TELEGRAAF MEDIA NEDERLAND LANDELIJKE MEDIA BV AND OTHERS v. THE NETHERLANDS – 39315/06 – HEJUD [2012] ECHR 1965 (22 November 2012)

URL: http://www.bailii.org/eu/cases/ECHR/2012/1965.html

UK law on the right of sources to have a legal remedy against media publishers that betray their duty of confidentiality should be given the same recognition as set out in the US Supreme Court in Cohen v Cowles Media Co 501 US 663 (1991)



2013 CIoJ AGM – October 19

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PCC to brief members about changes to Press regulation

Michael McManus of the Press Complaints Commission will be the guest speaker at the Institute’s Annual General Meeting on the 19 October, at the Union Jack Club in London, SE1.

Michael is Executive Director of Transition at the PCC, and will explain how he sees Press regulation working through the industry’s proposed Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)

Make sure you are there to see how the proposals will affect you!

We want your views – come and have your say…

CIoJ logo

The Institute’s 2013 AGM will take place on October 19, at the Union Jack Club, Sandell Street, London SE1 8JU.

This is your chance to meet many of your fellow journalists, to socialise, network and exchange views.

It is also an excellent opportunity to meet the President, Vice-President and Council of the Institute, to hear about the activities and achievements of the Council’s sub-committees, the Professional Practices Board and the various CIoJ charity committees, and to help shape the policies and programme of the CIoJ and the IoJ (TU) for the year ahead.

There will be a social dinner in the evening at the Conference Centre for which all members may purchase tickets and invite a guest.  The menu and details of how you may book can be found here.

One day for all this and we will provide lunch as well! – We look forward to seeing you!

Register your attendance by contacting Diane or call on 020 7252 1187.

CIoJ Annual General Meeting Provisional Programme

Proposed motions for discussion

Professional Practices Board election


For those of you coming from a distance, you may wish to take the opportunity of staying at the Union Jack Club, which has very good accommodation at modest prices.

The Institute of Journalists (TU) Professional Practices Board 2013/14

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Details of members who have put themselves forward for election to serve on the Board for 2013/14.

The election of candidates will take place at the Institute AGM on October 19.

Janice Shillum Bhend

Janice Shillum Bhend MCIJ is an experienced writer, publisher, editor and media professional with a strong background in national magazines – including her own title, YES! which she published for five years. She has made many TV and radio appearances and contributed to several books.

Passionate about promoting good journalism, she co-wrote a new magazine course for the NCTJ and taught the next generation of journalists for seven years at degree and postgraduate level. She has a lifetime’s love for and an in-depth knowledge of the magazine industry.

Amanda Brodie – Chairman

Having worked in journalism for 30 years, Amanda has a wealth of experience in newspapers, starting as a reporter in London and later sub-editing for newspapers in Essex and Suffolk. A former assistant editor in a busy production department, her experience extends to paid-for and free weeklies, evening and regional daily papers, as well as business and lifestyle magazines. Until recently she worked on regional daily and evening newspapers in Suffolk. Amanda now works as a freelance, mostly for the National Council for the Training of Journalists, as an exam-marker and exam centre organiser.

Cleland Thom

Cleland Thom has been a journalist for 40 years and now runs the media training organisation CTJT.

Since 2003 he has trained more than 2,000 journalists across the UK, specialising in law, and has been legal adviser to the Manchester Evening News, The Local Radio Company, Real Radio, TNT magazine and GPSJ.

Campbell Thomas

Campbell has been a journalist for 22 years and a CIoJ member since 1996. He completed his NCTJ training with Ayrshire Weekly Press, working as a reporter and feature writer before moving to the Glasgow Evening Times, latterly running a district office.

He freelances for the UK and Scottish national and regional press and broadcast networks, specialising in court, crime and investigations.  He is a British delegate to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent and has worked for the United Nations in Cyprus, as well as the UK military and police services. Campbell is a Masters graduate of Napier University, Edinburgh, where he also taught journalism.

Tim Crook
TimCrook 2

Tim Crook has been a journalist and broadcaster for four decades and during that time has campaigned for freedom of expression and journalism rights in the British legal system. He’s combined his career with teaching/training journalism and broadcasting in Higher Education and is currently Reader in Media & Communication at Goldsmiths, University of London and Visiting Professor of Broadcast Journalism at Birmingham City University. His book publications include UK Media Law Pocketbook and Comparative Media Law & Ethics.