CIoJ elections 2014

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The Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIoJ) is seeking a new Vice President who will automatically become President in 2016 -18.

Any full member who is fully paid and has been with the Institute for five years is able to come forward, but they will need the support of five others.

Current President and former BBC and independent broadcaster, Paul Leighton, is hoping that members who are interested in the role will come forward especially as journalism has developed a breath and depth like never before.

Paul said: “The challenges facing journalists have always been important ones which is why the CIoJ was given a Royal Charter by Queen Victoria back in 1890.

“But the industry has rapidly gone from hacking scandals to making significant changes in legal and ethical matters, as well as coping with the introduction of a wide range of platforms for delivery.  It is vital that the CIoJ has a spokesperson who can be heard quickly and clearly.”

The deadline for nominations for VP or for standing in the very important role as a trustee for the CIoJ charities – Orphan Fund, Oak Hill and Pensions Fund – is the 15 December 2014.

Please call CIoJ’s Chief Executive Dominic Cooper for a chat in the first instance on 020 7252 1187.


Grace Wyndham Goldie (BBC) Trust Fund

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2015 applications invited for Grace Wyndham Goldie Trust Fund


Applications are invited for grants from the Grace Wyndham Goldie (BBC) Trust Fund, which exists to help those engaged in broadcasting or an associated activity, now or in the past, as well as their children and dependents.

The Trustees, in their discretion, will consider giving assistance towards educational costs in small ways, such as travelling expenses, school outfits, books and additions to educational awards.

Other grants can be made in respect of a specific short term unexpected need which is beyond the means of the beneficiary and not covered by aid from other sources.

The resource of the fund is limited. So that help can be given where it is most needed, the applicants must be prepared to give, in confidence, full information about the circumstances supporting their applications.

It is important to recognise that the fund has been established to act as a safety net and not to fund expensive lifestyle choices. If you therefore have expenses such as holidays, gym membership, sky digital, high mobile telephone charges or non-essential car costs then you will be expected to be able to pay for these yourself.

Those wishing to apply this year should:

Write for an application form to: BBC Pension and Benefits Centre, Broadcasting House, Cardiff CF5 2YQ, or

Download an application form from:

Applications must be submitted no later than 31 July.

Applicants are considered annually in September and in no circumstances can continuing help over a number of years be promised.

 Sandra Phillips, Chair of the Trustees

CIoJ elections

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Vice Presidential Election

Any member in good standing may stand for election, so long as they are sponsored by five members in good standing.  The Vice president will serve a two-year term and then take over as President in 2018.

A nomination form may be downloaded here.

Deadline: 15 December.


Any member may stand for election, so long as they are sponsored by two members who have been in good standing for two years or more.

Councillors will serve a two year term, starting early in 2016, and will meet approximately six times during each year.  A nomination form for the CIoJ Council, requiring a proposer and seconder, is available here.

Deadline: 15 December.

Charity Committees

The Charity Committees oversee the Institute’s charitable funds; the Orphan Fund, Pension Fund and the OakHill & TP O’Connor Fund.  Nomination forms may be obtained from head office.

Deadline: 15 December.

Pension Fund

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Provides a small monthly payment to members who find themselves in financial difficulty once they have retired. The Fund also gives a financial birthday and Christmas gift to its pensioners.

Join now to protect your family

Benevolent and Widow’s Fund

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Provides grants and interest-free loans to members who may need short term financial assistance. Provides one-off grants to the spouse of members, to help with immediate financial difficulties following their death.

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OakHill and TP O’Connor Fund

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Provides grants towards convalescent and other costs, for members recovering after serious illnesses or medical treatment.

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Orphan Fund

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Through the auspices of its Orphan Fund, the Institute has been looking after the orphans of our members since 1891.

Over the past 10 years the fund has distributed an average of more than £50,000 of support every year.

With investments of more than £1.5 million the fund provides a monthly subsistence grant to its beneficiaries together with a birthday and Christmas gift.

Grants are provided to beneficiaries until they leave full-time education. Should the beneficiary go on to attend university the Fund provides and extra monthly grant towards the cost of accommodation.

From time to time the Fund’s Trustees will consider granting extra support, on a discretionary basis, to help support and further the child’s educational needs.

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