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The Institute is now on Facebook

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This allows us to keep in touch with members who use the leading social networking site, and also to recruit new ones. Our Facebook page is open to all users, whether members of the CIoJ or not. Updated daily, it carries information about the Institute as well as links to news about our profession and the industries in which we work. Each day we trawl through dozens of news sources looking for items of interest, including trade publications, the daily …

IPI to Hold International Conference on Terrorism, Media and the Law

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5 August, VIENNA. The International Press Institute (IPI), the global network for a free media, and the Salzburg-based Center for International Legal Studies (CILS), announce the international conference, “The War on Words – Terrorism, Media and the Law,” to be held in Vienna, Austria, from 5-6 October 2009. The two-day conference will bring together leading journalists, lawyers, human rights advocates, and security and counter-terrorism experts from Europe, North America, Asia and Africa to discuss the impact of the fight against …

Obituary – Eileen Summers

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Eileen Vincent Summers Eileen was born in London on August 4, 1918 and died on August 1, 2009 – three days short of her 91st birthday. Eileen was adopted by a couple named Arthur and Lizzie Gladman, who had lost their only son in the Battle of the Somme. Throughout her life she tried to find answers to the details of her real family and origins, but despite her efforts, she was unsuccessful. All records had been destroyed. Eileen was …


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CIoJ VETERAN DIES: It is with sadness that I have to inform you that Eileen Summers died on Saturday, 1 August 2009. She slipped away peacefully while a friend sat with her. A small memorial service will take place for Eileen at St Bride’s Church, Fleet Street, tomorrow (5 August) at 1.15pm.

What price democracy? Audit Commission can’t answer…so who will?

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  NEWS RELEASE Release time: 30 July 2009 The Audit Commission’s inquiry into local authority newspapers, ordered by the Government in its Digital Britain report, will not include an examination of their effect on traditional local newspapers. Steve Bundred, chairman of the Commission, told the Chartered Institute of Journalists that it does not have the expertise to examine that contentious area. Dominic Cooper, general secretary of the Institute said: “Although Digital Britain has encouraged an assessment to determine the value-for-council …

Arrest of journalists deplorable

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Release date: 3 July 2009 Statement The CIoJ deplores the arrest by the Iranian Authorities of more than 30 journalists and the expulsion of some foreign reporters.   The Chartered Institute urges the immediate release of all  journalists arrested during the current political turmoil and the cancellation of the expulsion orders. Dominic Cooper, General secretary, said: “Democracy cannot be served by gagging the messengers and if the Iranian authorities wish to project their state as a democracy on the world stage, …


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  NEWS RELEASE RELEASE TIME: IMMEDIATE, 17 JUNE 2009 THE Chartered Institute of Journalists believes that the election of BNP members to mainstream politics should be dealt with in the same even handed manner as all other political parties. While the NUJ is holding a debate about the right way to handle the rise of parties like the BNP, the CIoJ believes that accurate reporting will undermine the strong support of such parties. CIoJ President Liz Justice said: “It is …

CIoJ urges Kim Jong-un to intervene

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NEWS RELEASE RELEASE TIME: IMMEDIATE, Friday 12 June 2009 THE CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF JOURNALISTS (CIoJ) is writing to Kim Jong-un to ask him to intervene in the sentencing of two US journalists, Laura Long and Euna Lee, to 12 years hard labour in North Korea on Monday June 8. Earlier this month Kim Jong-un, 26, was appointed to succeed his father Kim Jong-il as the head of the Korean Workers’ Party and head of state of North Korea and the …

CIoJ warns that Human Rights Law should take precedence in protecting journalistic sources

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A LOCAL NORTHERN IRELAND court would be guilty of a “serious error” if it ordered journalist Suzanne Breen to disclose her sources, says the Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIoJ) the oldest and most senior professional organisation of journalists in the world. The court, presided by Belfast recorder Tom Burgess, is considering whether to order the Sunday Tribune’s northern editor, Suzanne Breen, to hand over information about the Real IRA murders of two British soldiers – Mark Quinsey, 32, from Birmingham, …

No. 10 petition regarding photography restrictions

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Dear Colleagues, There is a petition on the No 10 website calling on Brown to remove the draconian restrictions on taking photos in public places as they are open to abuse by the police. As the Institute knows, the law is regularly being abused by the police, against journalists, tourists and members of the public. If you haven’t already done so please clock on the link below and sign this vital petition; it takes seconds. Don’t forget to append MCIJ …