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Government plans to undermine the FOI Act condemned

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NEWS RELEASE RELEASE DATE: 21 November 2015 Government plans to water down the Freedom of Information Act and restrict its use by journalists have been condemned as a threat to investigative journalism. The Chartered Institute of Journalists said the Government’s proposals were a blatant attempt to shut down embarrassing and difficult questions and were a clear threat to the public’s right to know. President Paul Leighton said it was hard to believe that any Government which claimed to believe in …

Barbara Beatrice Hutchinson 1920-2015

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Barbara Hutchinson The word that first comes to mind when thinking of Barbara is “indomitable”. When over 90 and suffering from arthritis and a badly damaged leg among other things, she declared that she was going to book herself into the Grand Hotel at Eastbourne and get herself there by train – and she did. Rejecting all offers of help. lt was typical of how life went for her. We first met on the Bournemouth Times (later taken over by the Evening Echo). …

IOCCO views on RIPA welcomed

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NEWS RELEASE DATE:  6 February 2015 A call by the Interception of Communications Commissioner, Sir Anthony May, for judicial authorisation to be sought before journalists’ communication data is accessed is welcomed by the Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIoJ). But will those in charge act responsibly and heed this advice? In recent months there have been numerous examples of a vociferous tightening grip which is undermining the way journalists work. All of which has left eye witnesses and whistleblowers out in …

Peter Greste release welcomed

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Peter Greste’s release from prison is welcome news. It is an important step for the Egyptian government to make as a demonstration of commitment to free speech. We should not forget, however, that two of his colleagues are still in jail simply for doing their jobs. We urge the Egyptian government to free the remaining Al-Jazeera colleagues and bring to an end this travesty of justice for all concerned.

RIPA amendment proposals not good enough

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The CIoJ has again come out to criticise the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, following government proposals for its amendment. The amendments simply do not go anywhere near far enough, said Paul Leighton. “We currently have a big debate going on about how far into someone’s privacy government agents are allowed to delve to protect the country from terrorism. But the concerns remain about the abuse of power, as has been seen with RIPA over the last few years. “Here …

Government response to Weller privacy campaign welcomed

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The Government’s response to the Weller privacy campaign has been welcomed by the Chartered Institute of Journalists. In questioning from Baroness Smith about the rights of children to privacy, Lord Bates pointed out that the Press self-regulation system and the Ofcom code already contained safe-guards for protecting a child’s privacy, adding “We can deal with it [child privacy] in a common-sense way without the need to criminalise everyone who produces an image of a child.” “Lord Bates comments are immensely …

Publishers and journalists urged to stand firm in face of attack

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News release Release time: Immediate Publishers and journalists urged to stand firm in face of attack The killing of 12 people in an attack on a Paris newspaper has been condemned by the Chartered Institute of Journalists, which also urged publishers and journalists to stand firm and not be deterred from exercising their right to freedom of speech in the face of the threat of violence. “This is a shocking attack on free speech, and all those who champion it. Our …

Media law course booking form

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Deadly sins of media law and ethics course After you have booked please pay by following the link below… Member/Non-member CIoJ member £55.00 GBPNon CIoJ member £75.00 GBP            

CIoJ elections 2014

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The Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIoJ) is seeking a new Vice President who will automatically become President in 2016 -18. Any full member who is fully paid and has been with the Institute for five years is able to come forward, but they will need the support of five others. Current President and former BBC and independent broadcaster, Paul Leighton, is hoping that members who are interested in the role will come forward especially as journalism has developed a breath …

Media Law Course – Seven Deadly Sins of Media Law & Ethics

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Seven Deadly Sins Media Law & Ethics Course with David Banks Yes you learned about media law at the steps of McNae’s, but how does that fit you for the real rapidly changing freelance world Does a click on the mouse still have the benefit of the raised eyebrow of a senior sub or the chance to do a quick change before anyone notices? Media law and ethics are now deeply entwined for all journalists and the CIoJ’s Seven Deadly …