2014 CIoJ AGM – emergency motion

Emergency motion

As you will know, we sadly lost our President, Charlie Harris, earlier in the year. As a result of his death our Vice-President, Paul Leighton, stepped up to the role of President a year earlier than was expected. This has caused a difficulty with forthcoming elections for Council and Vice-President.

Although elections for both would, under normal circumstances, take place at the end of this year (2014), the Vice-President would have to take up office in one-year’s time, necessitating an election for a new VP at the end of next year (2015), too. This would then mean the elections would be out of sync and, therefore, financially inefficient.

One way to resolve this issue, and the one adopted by Council, is for the current Council to remain in office for a further year (until the end of 2015) and then conduct elections for VP and Council at the same time. We would still potentially need an election for VP at the end of this year, but it would mean that from 2016 onwards the VP and Council elections would happen at the same time.

To do this, however, the proposal would have to be put before the members at the AGM, and the members would have to formally adopt the proposal. The final wording of the motion will be available in the next couple of weeks but if you have any observations or queries about what is being proposed you may contact the General Secretary on 020 7252 1187 or memberservices@cioj.co.uk.

Proposed motion:

Because of extenuating circumstances, Council proposes that its tenure for 2013-14 be extended for a further 12 months, to be terminated at the end of 2015.  After which period the situation would revert to standing order 16.
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