2012 CIoJ AGM Provisional Programme

Saturday, October 27

12.30pm Lunch and Registration

1.30pm   Welcome and outline of day’s events by the President



IoJ (TU) session – Everyone welcome but only non-employing members will be able to vote on Trade Union matters.

1. The Chairman of the Professional Practices Board (PPB), Amanda Brodie, will take the Chair and report on its activities.

2. The General Secretary, Dominic Cooper, will report on the support that has been provided to members over the last year.

3. The Honorary Treasurer, Michael Hardware, to move:

– that the audited accounts of the Institute of Journalists (TU) for 2011 be received and accepted.

4. Q & A session on the work of the PPB.

5. Elections to the PPB.



6. Reports by Chairmen of the Institute’s Charities:

– the Orphan Fund, Michael Moriarty;

– the Benevolent Fund, Dominic Cooper;

– the Oak Hill and TP O’Connor Fund, Ken Brookes;

– the Pension Fund, Ken Brookes.

7. Q & A session on the work of the CIoJ and its charities.



8. The President, Norman Bartlett, will take the Chair.

9. The Honorary Treasurer, Mr Michael Hardware, to move:

– that the audited accounts of the Chartered Institute of Journalists and its charities for 2011 be received and adopted. The Honorary Treasurer will take questions on the Institute’s finances.

10. The President to move:

– that the 127th report of the Chartered Institute of Journalists and the IoJ(TU) as submitted to the membership be received and accepted.

11. The President to move that any unfinished business by the end of the meeting shall be referred for consideration by Council

12. Resolution: in recognition of long-standing membership, insert the following rule after S.O. 3.8:

3.9 Members who have been in continuous membership of the Institute for 20 or more years may apply to Council for the honorific “Distinguished Member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.” If successful, they may append the post-nominal letters “DCIJ” instead of the “MCIJ” applicable to other Full Members. No additional subscription shall be payable by Distinguished Members.

13. Resolution: implementing a registration fee for Student members:

a. Amend S.O. 3.5 as detailed below:

3.5 Persons not less than 16 on joining a journalistic staff or entering on a recognised journalistic training course shall be eligible for election as Trainee or Student members respectively. Trainee and Student membership are categories of Junior membership under Bye-law 12 and shall have corresponding rights and obligations within the Institute. After 12 months Student members shall become liable to pay subscriptions in accordance with the provisions of S.O.7 .  On becoming qualified for trainee or full membership a Student member must be transferred to the appropriate category.

b. Conference recommends to Council that the initial subscription for Student members, for the first 12 months of membership, shall be £10.00.

14. Resolution: To amend S.O. 7.2 by deleting the highlighted text, as follows;

7.2 Reduced rates of subscription may be set for Fellows and Members who have retired from active journalistic work and have paid not less than ten annual subscriptions, or who have reached the maximum age for entitlement to unemployment benefit. Such special rates of subscription shall be as set by Council and the Annual General or Special General Meeting of the Institute.


3.00pm The Institute Debates

Great Story – would you have phone-hacked to get it?  The ongoing scandal and its consequences.

Whose side are we on?  Google faces off against the publishers in the new copyright bill.

Where do we stand? Discussion on local broadcast licences.

4.45pm Close

The bar of the Union Jack Club may be used by the delegates.

6.30pm Dinner

Delegates and a guest may wish to attend the social dinner that takes place after the AGM in the McIntosh Room. Tickets are available from head office priced £30. Places are limited.

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